Car Controversy

   Campus supervisors have cracked down on students going to their cars during passing period this year more than ever. Not all students understand why they are not allowed to go to their cars.

   “I don’t get why people get in trouble if they have to run to their car to grab homework they forgot, it seems like an unnecessary rule,” said Senior Amanda Jackson.

   Part of the reason students are so frustrated with this rule is because they don’t think there is a real reason to have it in the first place.

   “We have this rule because there is potential for inappropriate behavior,” said Campus Supervisor Mrs. K.

   Although this rule may make sense, students still do not agree with it.

   “If I had a locker on campus this would not be an issue because I would be in the habit of putting all of my things in there each morning and I could run there if I forgot something for a class instead of my car,” stated Jackson.

   It was found that Dublin High got rid of its lockers because a majority were not utilized properly and teachers have tried to ease students’ loads by getting class sets of books.

   Through the rule, the supervisors on campus are trying to avoid activities that have to do with drugs, alcohol, theft, hiding objects that are not meant for a school campus, and leaving school without permission. Again, although understandable, students feel that the school takes the rule too far.

   “I understand that they have this rule for our safety but not every kid going to their car is going to leave or do inappropriate things, so if I say I need to go get my English homework, I should be able to get my English homework,” asserted Jackson.

   Supervisors understand that students can be forgetful but they cannot allow constant exceptions to this rule because it could open the door for other unsafe things to occur.

   School policy states that the parking lot is off-limits during the school day as a safety precaution. Even though students may find it unnecessary, it is the school’s responsibility to protect the kids from any potential harm.

   Students must learn to be prepared each morning and check their backpacks for any and all materials they may need throughout the day. It is the responsibility of a student to come to each class properly equipped. Making a habit of being prepared each day will only end up benefitting students by keeping them on track, and saving a trip to the car.