The Dublin Shield

Trump Concedes to Russian Hacking

Vikram Nithyanandam, Writer

January 25, 2017

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  “As far as hacking, I think it was Russia,” Mr. Trump said on January 11th, 2017, which were  his first comments accepting the conclusions of United States intelligence that Moscow had interfered to help him win the presidential election. Donald Trump never admitted to Russian interferenc...

Fort Lauderdale from a DHS Student’s Perspective

Fort Lauderdale from a DHS Student’s Perspective

Ashley Kim, Managing Editor

January 22, 2017

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Some time after the tragic Fort Lauderdale shooting, a student at DHS has come forward with a unique perspective. Senior and varsity sideline cheerleader Tinna Zhu and her family were in the Fort Lauderdale airport at the shooting.     Below is her account of what really happened. &nbs...

NBA Season Predictions

Sumedh Vaidyanathan, Sports Editor

January 2, 2017

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Although a third of the 2016-2017 NBA season has passed by, many basketball fans have found themselves surprised by the way events have unfolded. As the rest of the season plays out, here are predictions about ten more surprises that may take place this season.   1) For the first time in his career, Russell...

Climate Change: 2016 Update

Bea Mendoza, Writer

November 24, 2016

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The Earth’s climate change has been an ongoing issue for many decades. Climate change is mostly caused by human activity which creates the “greenhouse effect.” Temperatures rise because heat that is usually released by Earth into space becomes trapped in our planet’s atmosphere. Why can’t heat es...

“She’s just a puppet”: DHS Reacts to South Korea Corruption Scandal

Christy Koh, World Editor

November 18, 2016

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  Turmoil in presidencies seems to be a recurring theme these past few months. In the United States, Donald Trump’s unforeseen victory has sparked outrage and violent protests, even close to home. In Bulgaria, Pro-Russia candidate Rumen Radev appears poised to win the presidency, upsetting...

Election Results: DHS Perspective

Vikram Nithyanandam, Writer

November 14, 2016

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Race to the White House: Donald Trump Victorious The race to the White House has now drawn to a close and the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are now over. Donald Trump has been named the president elect of the United States of America, creating one of the greatest upsets in our nation...

Creepy Clowns Across America?

Michelle Yun, Writer

October 9, 2016

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In the past several weeks, clown sightings have been popping up across America. Starting with clowns luring children into the woods in South Carolina, frightening clown sightings have been reported in more than two dozen states. Although many sightings are hoaxes, some have resulted in arrests. With...

An Overlook on Snapchat Spectacles

Jennifer Liu, Writer

October 7, 2016

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  Over the past few years, Snapchat has proved itself to be one of the most influential platforms of social media, amassing nearly 100 million daily users worldwide in 2015. A few days ago, the company made the decision to trade its name for a slightly more inclusive title--Snap Inc., arrivin...

DHS Anti-Bullying Blue Out

DHS Anti-Bullying Blue Out

Alexandra Stassinopoulos, Editor-in-Chief

October 5, 2016

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On Monday, October 3, DHS seemed very blue. There were blue shirts, blue pants, blue shoes and even neon blue socks, as students from all the grades channeled their inner smurfs to support a safe, bully free campus for DHS’s “Anti-Bullying Blue Out”. During lunch, students--both those who dressed...

Road to the Oval Office: First Presidential Debate of the Trump-Clinton Smackdown

Vikram Nithyanandam, Writer

September 30, 2016

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  On Monday, September 26th, 2016, the presidential race continued with both candidates participating in the first presidential debate of this year at Hofstra University in New York. Former Secretary of State and Senator Clinton and business tycoon Trump debated about their strongly contrasting...